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10 years experience in

Analytics & Data Science
  • Finding answers in data
  • Data visualisation
  • Machine learning
  • Assessing significance
  • Forecasting
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Automatic reports
  • Data collection
  • Cloud computing
  • Alerts & automations
  • Databases
  • Websites, REST APIs
  • Data portals
  • Software Engineering

How we can assist you

Increase your number of paying clients

Our services:
  • Costumer insights
  • Costumer segmentation
  • Ad-word campaigns
  • Churn modelling
  • Costumer life time values analysis
Collect and use data to improve your processes or sales

Our services:
  • Data collection in the cloud
  • Provide insights
  • Suggest improvements
  • Create dashboards
  • Set up automatic alerts
Automate or facilitate decision making using artificial intelligence

Our services:
  • Train the computer on your data
  • Implement solutions locally or in the cloud

Products we use

About us

We are a Data Scientist and a Senior Business Analyst with a large network of data experts and IT professionals.
By training we are engineers from Berlin & Barcelona and worked for top Ecommerce companies and scientific institutes (Expedia, Max Planck Institute, Sydney Airport, Garvan Institute of Medical Research).

Apart from our passion for data analytics and science we love languages and foreign cultures. Together we speak German, Spanish, Catalan, English and French. Currently we are located in Sydney Australia home to happy culturally diverse people.

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